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Teaching English

English Proficiency Test

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English Proficiency Test

This is a mini test that contains 15 standardized intermediate to advanced level questions (MCQ) that include levels C1, B2 and B1. The questions are a variety of different styles such as grammar style questions, choose the correct word/sentence and fill in the gaps!

This helps us  and your employer to see your English level for your job.
It’s necessary to be able to communicate clearly with your employer/supervisor and this helps us ensure that you have the ability to do so.

You’ll have 10 minutes to do this test and if you get the passing grade you will be moved to the next step which is the English Interview which will be held at our office.

WARNING ⚠️: if you try or get caught cheating we will be watching through a Skype/Zoom call and you will be automatically disqualified.

English test fees: 600 LE

Payment Link: Pay Here

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