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To every international student on Earth, the time has came to be the change you want to see in the world; it’s your ERA to have a great impact on people's’ life.
ExEgypt is calling for international ambassadors. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the challenging affairs around the world. You will think globally as you will get the opportunity to work with students from all over the world to tackle the major challenges facing young leaders today and become global citizens with a desire to make a difference in our interconnected world.

Job Description:


  • Fully understating ExEgypt's goals and activities as an organization.

  • Spreading knowledge of ExEgypt as an organization through either online or physical publication.

  • Representing ExEgypt in national and international events.

  • Helping in sketching ExEgypt international events' schedules and timelines.

  • Establishing an official and a trusted connection/communication circle among all other ambassadors from different regions.

  • Works with other Ambassadors and the Vice President for External Affairs (VPE) to submit reports to the main headquarter regarding regional updates.

Eligibility and Criteria:


  • Age: 18-25 years

  • Country: International

  • Grade: University student or intern

  • Field of study: All major studies are accepted

  • English language is a must

  • Availability, leadership skills and good communication.

Application process:

Once you submit your application ( through the application form attached below), an Ambassador Recruiter will evaluate your application depending on your qualifications and experience.
Selected applicants will be contacted by an Ambassador Recruiter for a brief interview to gather information on your experience, qualifications, career goals and availability.
To complete the application process please upload these files to google drive and put the folder link in the application when needed:

  1. Recent personal picture.

  2. Scan copy of your passport.

  3. Scan copy of University ID.



  1. The Ambassador term is one year and begins once selection process is over.

  2. Ambassadors will be provided with online orientation and support to fulfill position responsibilities. ExEgypt is a collaborative environment; feedbacks and ideas are always encouraged.

  3. All Ambassadors shall uphold the standards of conduct outlined in the job description handbook. Should an ambassador be unable to fulfill the duties outline in this position description, s/he may be asked to resign or be dismissed from her/his position.

  4. Ambassadors who fulfill the duties as expected will have the opportunity to be covered financially during our international events (This includes; Accommodation, transportation, boarding and other activities. International flights and optional trips are not included).


Application Form: Click here

Deadline: Septemper 23rd 2018, 12 A.M. (Cairo Time).

For any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact Ahmed Emara, ExEgypt's VPE.
-Facebook: Click here

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