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Fired up with enthusiasm, ExEgypt is very delighted to announce the beginning of its recruitment. The beginning of making a change and having a positive influence on our environment and global health. Having more than 100 ambassadors all over the world cooperating together helps us provide a very active exchange program which is a brilliant opportunity for everyone.
The recruitment is open for every student around the world. 
Join us by filling in the application form and stay green forever.

individual memberships

ExEgypt offers its new participant the chance of joining an outstanding community.
You'll belong to a family who believes in so much and stand for what it believes in.
ExEgypt member will have the right to participate in all ExEgypt events.

ExEgypt member will have the right to apply for ExEgypt Summer Schools.

ExEgypt member will have the right to join ExEgypt Conferences Team.
Individual members will not have voting rights at ExEgypt Elections. 


  • College Student & Medical Residents

  • Age: 17-30

  • Dedication

  • Willingness to make a change!

Membership Fees: 200 LE

Membership Registration form:

FACUlTY memberships

ExEgypt also offers faculties to join as a whole.
Small units make up a big community.
Different faculties make up a  bigger entity. 


  • 30 or more members.

  • Finish all administrative papers.

  • Fill the Application Form.

  • Send an official email requesting to register your Faculty to ExEgypt President

  • Send a copy of the constitution to

Faculty member organization registrations fees: 1000 LE

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