What is the first thing that pops into your mind whenever you hear the word YOLO?
Well, for a medical student I guess the first thing is to throw their books away and think of making their lives count!
But we ExEgypt, whenever we hear the word YOLO, we remember only one thing SUMMER SCHOOL.

ExEgypt (an official EMSA-partner and AMSA member) is offering you the one and only road for a once in a lifetime experience in 'ExEgypt Annual Medical Summer School 2020'. Here you will make your life counts without throwing your books away because you are going to need them and we will explain why you will.
But for now if you are studying, you may need to take a 5 minute break to read about our summer school.

Let’s count your advantages:
-Medical student
-Good English
-Have the wanderlust
-Ready to be a storyteller
-Looking forward to making friends for life from all over the world
-Want to spend 2 weeks of unforgettable extraordinary memories

Yay! You make a perfect candidate for our very perfect summer
school. So have you started packing your things?

Take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once!

The program will take part in Ismailia City, Egypt.

Our course starts on the 4th of August 2020 and ends on the 17th of August 2020. (Plus an optional 5 days/3 nights trip to Dahab and Sharm El-Sheikh, so the whole program ends on the 22nd of August, 2020)



Now let's talk about our program in more details..

Our program is divided into two main parts: 

- Scientific program
- Social Program 

1- Scientific program

Our scientific program offers such a unique opportunity to pick one of two departments.

Our departments include:- 

- Emergency: In this department you will attend lectures discussing important topics such as ABCD approach, Acute coronary syndromes, Chest trauma, abdominal trauma, head trauma, burns, acute abdomen and other important topics. You will also have the chance to attend clinical rounds where you will be given the chance to learn and perform some important skills such as stitching, preparing and giving injections (IV, IM, SC), X-Ray interpretation, CT interpretation, ECG interpretation and wound management.

- Gastroenterology and Hepatology: (including Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases) Participants will attend lectures and learn important topics including Liver diseases (Hepatitis), jaundice, pancreatic diseases, esophageal disorders, typhoid fever and enteric infections. Students will also have the chance to perform hands-on examinations mainly abdominal examination, and will also be able to visit Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Unit and other units in the departments. 

Students will have the privilege to perform a lot of hands-on examinations, and deal with a lot of patients which will enhance their clinical skills.



2- Social program 

- Cairo trip (2 days) 
See Cairo’s most impressive sights in two full days. Participants will visit the Great Pyramids of Giza; the last remaining wonder of the Ancient World, and the neighboring Sphinx at Giza as well. They will delve into the history of the Pharaohs in the Egyptian Museum and meander through the alleyways of the lively and energetic souk in Khan El-Khalili and get their souvenirs, all with our expert guide (Dr. Ahmed Abo Bakr) who will explain to them the enigmatic monument's origins and back story. You will also give a visit to Salah El Din Citadel, dating from the 12th century and hear about its history. In the same area sits the striking Muhammed Ali Mosque, one of Cairo's most impressive and grandiose structures. The Religious Complex will be our next destination and is located in Old Cairo area which is characterized by its historic and religious shrines of the three religions that were in Egypt. Following lunch, you’ll enjoy views of Cairo in the very heart of the city, the Nile River. Cruise along the river and watch the city light up. 

- Alexandria and Mediterranean Sea trip (2 days Optional Trip)
We will head to the Alexandria City - Egypt, one of the magnificent examples of ideal places to escape the busy tourist areas and enjoy nature on the Mediterranean seaside. You can go for a swim in the astonishingly turquoise water and relax while enjoying the amazing view. Alexandria is one of the world's most impressive historical cities. Explore the city founded by Alexander the Great and visit the former site of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Check out the Citadel of Qaitbay, a medieval fortress built on top of the original lighthouse platform, renowned for its spectacular sea views. Next, we will visit the Library of Alexandria, a massive modern structure inspired by the Ancient Library of Alexandria, which was built in the 3rd century BC. Admire the incredible building, which can house more than 8 million books. Get up-close looks at Greek and Roman ruins and excavated objects.


- Ain Sokhna (1 day)
If you think there's anything more euphoric than enjoying the beach on a sunny day in Sokhna, well think again! Because our mornings by the blue seas and golden sun, and our evenings in a chilly weather are a perfect combination for a day very well spent, especially when we're staying in the breathtaking 'Resort', one of the best in the region.


so5na 2.jpg
so5na 1.jpg

- Port Said trip (Half day)
One day trip to Portsaid so you can learn what in the world this is. Morning by the beautiful seas and nights by the bon fire and dancing on the Semsmya.

- Team building day
Nothing is better than spending a day doing several games and activities that aim to create new bonds and make us get to know each other much better, all whilst having great fun with the spirit of competition.

- Wady El-Rayan (Sand boarding) - (one day)
There’s no better way to spend one day in the outdoor life to enjoy sandboarding, Magic Lake Zipline, El-Modwara mountain hiking and a late-night campfire. Then relaxing in the Bedouin tents to view sunset while enjoying your roasted marshmallows and Bedouin tea.

- Dahab, Sharm El-Sheikh and Mount Catherine (optional 5 days and 3 Nights)
Whether you'd like to try Snorkeling, Diving, Hiking or even Quad-bike safari: this is the trip for you!

Explore Dahab and experience its laid-back atmosphere at your leisure. Snorkel on the beautiful shore reef of Eel Garden and shop at the quaint Dahab bazaars along the beachfront. You can also chill on the beach at Dahab Bay and watch the world go by, and prepare for our next stop at Sharm El-Sheikh!

In Sharm, we will be staying in an extraordinary high class hotel', which will be one of the top resort in the city. We will also go on an amazing boat cruise that will get us to the best snorkeling and diving spots, featuring one of the world’s most amazing underwater scenery. The crystal-clear waters and incredible variety of exotic fish darting in and out of the colourful coral reefs have made this trip a scuba-diving paradise.

Finally, we will climb to the top of Mount Catherine, where we will watch the breathtaking scenery as the sun rises.

We will also have several mango parties, culture nights and amusing celebrations. In addition to different activities and outings everyday in Ismailia.

Check out our Facebook page for more photos, and our Summer School event


The fees will cover:
- Welcome package including a T-shirt, ExEgypt booklet and a log book.
- Scientific program at Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University, Suez Canal University Teaching Hospitals with the privilege of choosing between various departments.
- Air conditioned Accommodation in Ismailia, Egypt.
- Transportation during the whole Summer School period in air conditioned buses.
- 2 meals per day, during all working days.
- A spectacular social program aiming to cover all marvelous places in Egypt during that period. ( apart from the mentioned optional trips )
- Official certificate after completion of the course.

This opportunity is for all students all over the world.

The official language for our course is English.

You can apply to our program by filling in the application form:

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