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ExEgypt Twinning Project is a socio-cultural exchange between two Faculty Member Organizations. The students (about 7-8) should contact each other in order to arrange two exchange periods (usually 10-14 days) and the twins themselves organize the actual program to take place during the exchange period. The students must provide accommodation and meals in their own countries and will then have to pay for their travel expenses when going abroad. The program contains visits and tours of the Faculty(s), Hospital(s) and other facilities, so as to illustrate to the twin how the country's health system functions, while also showing important cultural and historical highlights of the respective country.


In the academic year (2017/2018) ExEgypt organized an exchange project with EMSA Bucharest, Romania.
The first part of the project took place in Egypt on the 10th of July, 2018 while our students went to visit the twin country during August. In addition, ExEgypt organized twinning projects with multiple intercontinental  countries such as Turkey, Singapore, Taiwan & Poland...


Our program is divided into two parts:

A. Educational:

  • It took place at Suez Canal University Hospitals                                                             

  • Twins chose between several departments (such as emergency and Internal medicine)  to attend as observers and had the chance to do Hands-on Examinations and procedures.

B. Social:

  • We mainly got to know each other at every day parties and city tours around Ismailia)

  • We had an opportunity to visit Popular Egyptian cities (Cairo, Portsaid, Fayoum, Dahab and Sharm El-Sheikh) where we enjoyed the Historical Monuments and the beautiful beaches.                                                      

  • During the whole Program we enjoyed delicious Egyptian cuisine and national drinks.


For more information contact: Mohamed El Sheikh, ExEgypt's VPE.

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